How does it work? 

There is a solution for each bottleneck is a solution. Nobody is perfect and that also counts for companies. Every organisation runs into wobbles. But a problem, of course, asks for a solution. SalesManager is able to provide fitting software using a chain-oriented approach for each bottleneck. 

Your organisation becomes faster, more efficient, and more effective when you use our software. SalesManager combines all processes in one system. This does not only make it clear, but also reduces lead times. From now on, this allows you to do what you do best: Business!

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CRM of SalesManager makes it easy to serve and manage all your clients and relations clearly and structurally. U are able to follow the sales process from the first application to the delivered  orders. This makes it  possible to manage on sales and provides you with insight in the ‘orders and pipelines’. 

The CRM software is, amongst others, able to connect with your mailing and calendar software. The connection with the  bookkeeping  software  Twinfield will be enclosed completely free. This makes sure that you only need to enter the records once, and that everyone works with up-to-date information.

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When the ERP module of SalesManager is deployed, it is simple to make the entire  procurement  and  sales  process  clear. From  tender  to  delivery, everything is stored  clearly  in  one  system. This  makes  the  information central and available within a few mouse clicks. This allows you to focus on managing the sales activities.

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Project Management
The foundation of a successful  project  is  directing  time  and  money.  By applying the right tools these aspects can be  managed.  Deploying  Project management of SalesManager, the organization gets a grip on her projects. You are able to manage and monitor every  underlying  phase  within  your organisation. What is  next?  Getting a  clear  view  of  the  activities  to  be executed, who will execute them, what the planning is, and what the budget is.

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Service Management 

The customer service department is the contact point for the client. Using SalesManager, you are  able to  register  types  of  complaints,  priorities, gradations, etc. in a workflow. Also, complaints can be sent in using a portal. Service management provides you with  an  all-in-one  solution  for  service process optimisation. If it is  a  ‘product  reparation’,  or  an  ‘other  service request’, using  ServiceManager  of  SalesManager, you  can  provide  your relation with optimal service.

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