Winners Bootcamp 2016                  

Diamond FMS B.V. actively cooperates with many Ukrainian universities
within an international program Diamond Academy. One of the results of
collaboration is training competition Diamond BootCamp, which was held
at Lviv National Polytechnic University (Lviv, Ukraine) in 2016. During 9
months 86 students were busy with developing marketing investigations, building business plans, making presentations, according to which four students won an internship in the Netherlands. Winners of the training-competition, Kateryna Ilnytska and Olha Denysyuk, shared
impressions after 3 months at Elsman Group B.V. The next articles will
be dedicated to General partners and other finalists.

Why did you decide to participate the Diamond Bootcamp 2016 on the first place?
Olha: The process was really interesting for us, but complicated and we liked it. When we started to participate in Diamond Boot Camp we didn’t think about the internship, firstly we wanted to gain new knowledge, improve English, presentational skills. As the result it was great development of as hard, as soft
skills, such as work in team, presentational skills and time management.
Kateryna: First of all it was interesting to try something new. I heard about first business game that was held inour university a year earlier, and was curious about what will happen next. Also a lot of teachers advised us to test yourself in teamwork to increase our soft skills.

How was it to win the Diamond Bootcamp 2016?
Kateryna: It was really unbelievable and anxiously. It was hard to understand that I will be 3 months far away from home, but gained experience overpass all doubts.
Olha: I really could not believe in that. During staying in the Netherlands I did not believe that it happened to me too.

What did you expect from the internship?
Olha: First of all I wanted to gain new experience, to see how the consultancy
company works, meet new people. It’s going beyond comfort zone, which means
development. I can add that I got more, than I expected and it makes me happy.
Kateryna: I expected to have a great experience. I understood that such chance
could be only once a life. Productive work days, professional colleagues, who are ready to help you at any time – it’s all about our internship. I am very proud, that my first real work experience is being held here.

You’re in the Netherlands for 3 months to work at Diamond FMS. What kind of work are you doing?
Olha: We have a lot of different tasks, which helped us to develop our skills, to see business from different perspective, expand our point of view. With some tasks we were familiar before, some were completely new.
Kateryna: We learnt a lot about finances and Diamond FMS, had conversations with the clients, visited greenhouses. Also we investigated the real projects and analysed some processes inside company.

Did you already visit some Dutch places?
Yes, we have visited a lot of beautiful places in the Netherlands. We have seen thousands of flowers in Keukenhof, a beauty of Maastricht, a crazy atmosphere of Amsterdam, tried to swim in very cold water of the North Sea and a lot more. Even Dutch weather met us with sun, warm temperatures and no rain.

If you have to describe your internship in one sentence, what will you say?
Diamond Boot Camp and internship at Elsman Group B.V. are the best opportunities for us to understand life aims, find out our strong sides and weaknesses.

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