Students of National University "Lviv Polytechnic" defended results of semi-final of international training-competition Diamond BootCamp 2016

On the 4th of June 2016, from 10:00 till 15:00 o’clock, at National University
“Lviv Polytechnic”, the first phase of the training-competition Diamond BootCamp 2016 was held in frame of the Agreement on international partnership and business cooperation between National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and the Dutch Company “Diamond FMS B.V.”.

The event was attended by special guests: Head of Economics of the city of Lviv
-Mrs. Dovzhyk Victoria Victorivna - and the Owner of the Dutch Company
“Diamond FMS B.V.” - Mr. Nard Elsman. They admitted the innovative approach in the education of National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and wished students success in solving issues during building their own business.

The students presented the results of the first phase, that covered market research and rational explanation of the choices concerning commercial offers.

According to the results of the first phase, the following teams were recommended to enter the second phase and to defend business plans in front of an independent
panel of Jury in September 2016:

1.      Secret of Success (Hanna Vachynets-Kulchytska, Yana Svystak, Khrystyna Pistun, Volodymyr Breiter, Erika Khamula).

2.      Inside-out (Iryna Markiv, Iruna Kachmar, Nataliia Kravtsiv, Galina Derkach, Zhydchuk Kateryna).

3.      Pink Panther (Yurii Zilanov, Alina Briukhovych, Ksenia Kulaga, Maksym Voytovych).

4.     Power brain (Ivan Bodnar, Kate Ilnytska, Olena Datskiv, Kristina Lutsyshena).

5.      Forget-me-not (Olena Pozdniakova, Olha Denysyuk, Nataliia Starosilets, Kateryna Kukhtiak).

The second phase will start in September 2016 and will carry the interactive nature of the concept of “learning by doing”, that will aim to increase the financial
literacy of participants and obtain new knowledge in an innovative format. This
will provide its participants an opportunity to apply acquired skills in practice, to develop primary competences in managing the company: solving tactical and operational tasks, making managerial decision on improving the effectiveness of the company in a changing environment, reporting by international standards, etc. On this phase, participants will exercise a sequential decision-making by using the software of Diamond FMS (Financial Management System), assuming the roles of managing the simulated operations of a company and taking into account the effects of the external and internal environment.


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