DataConnect, how does it work?

Within companies, often large amounts of data are being stored on different locations. With DataConnect you are able to solve this problem, since it allows you to combine these data from now on. All data will be stored at 1 place and blind spots will be history. 

When all the data is bundled, mutual connections will be established and after this, dashboards and reports can be composed. With DataConnect you are not tied to pre-defined data models or reports, but you’ll get the possibility to analyse freely. Further, DataConnect is interactive. This means you can zoom in on every number, key figure or graph. The time of static reports that provide you with more questions than answers, is gone forever.

The benefits at a glance

●       All data combined in one place
●       Zooming in on every number, (key) figure or graph 
●       No more blind spots 
●       Intuitive in use 
●       Direct insight into KPI’s 
●       Share information easily with colleagues, clients or partners 
●       1 tool for data-analysis, dashboards and reports


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