Successful meeting transport&logistics

“Transporters towards a better result!”

Monday, September 26 this year, the meeting for companies in the transport and logistics sector took place. Diamond, from its ambition, wants to provide instruments for a better result. Currently the domestic transport increases due to extension in the construction and more distribution because of consumer spending. In logistics the above average extension cools down. Who follows the developments in the sector of transport and logistics is aware that ICT makes the difference for innovation and achieving profit. There is adequate investment in ICT according to Machiel Bode, sector manager ING. However, taking full advantage of these investments requires more depth, change management and strategic planning he says at this meeting. The practice shows that transport companies that perform above average possess  the right mix of strategy and policy on the one hand and the good management of processes, resources and employees on the other. This requires leadership with guts to innovate in new technologies and
logistic chains. Logistics services is about business intelligence. As chains change, the dynamics are big and great opportunities arise. Essential for cashing these opportunities is the growing impact of data in logistics services.

How do you get more value from the existing data in your company and can you value this to your clients. Transport and logistics will remain a sector that must make choices according to the value strategy of operational excellence. That means delivering a high quality service at relatively low prices. The focus is on efficiency, streamlining of processes, integration within the supply chain, no frills and managing volumes. Forerunners have contact with their clients to follow developments there and to work together on optimizing the cost price.

Vincent Termeer, consultant of Diamond, makes in his introduction the connection between the company strategy and execution in the workplace. The goals of the entrepeneur are of a higher level of abstraction as the performance that he expects of his employees/drivers. For this purpose, each company in transport and logistics already has the necessary systems. The data is simply present in 9 of the 10 companies, but how do you make it visible? Vincent explaines that with DataConnect a dashboard with KPI’s can be assembled from data of these operating systems. It is reliable, fast and effective for optimizing the operational control indicators. The entrepeneur can thus choose, with a mouse click, his analysis period at strategic, tactical and operational level. The strategy of the company is the basis for the right dashboard. The direction determines on what you want to guide. For this, the consultant of Diamond is going to talk with you especially to clarify where you want to go to with your company for business and/or personal reasons. Than your sail your own race for distinctiveness in the market and achieving your goals. Based on your needs or those of your company Diamond offers guidance in change management, to be successful as a company to improve the result. Ownership for improving results is in the DNA of each consultant of Diamond. As Machiel Bode already mentioned, you are not there with the investment in software. The strategic choice of a company, the quality of adjustment and culture determine together the success to stay in the market as a transport company. This reaffirms the match between what the market requires the coming years in transport and logistics and what Diamond offers in assessment and ICT. Just send a message to us and we will contact your for your logical question for a better result.


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