Diamond FMS: More insight and grasp on financial figures

With Diamond FMS you map the financial performance of your company. The software provides insight in the current and future efficiency of your company, visualises the liquidity growth, and provides insight in the financial consequences of decisions.

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RubyReport: Thé online registration tool

Using RubyReport, you can easily create tasks, register hours, report plagues and diseases, and create damagereports. You can do all this both
online, and offline. In short: now you can register your company easily and effectively.

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DataConnect: Quickly and easily analyse all your (financial) data

Companies have a growing amount of (financial) data, but this does not lead to more insight
automatically. Unless you are equipped with the right tools. See for yourself how you can analyse and visualise every aspect of your business easily.

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Diamond Boot Camp 2016 

Diamond gives future young Ukrainian entrepreneurs tools and directions in innovative training-competition that simulates the process of modeling, creating and running a manufacturing business (company) close to real conditions.

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Remote control session  

Advantages Diamond   

User friendly

Professional reports

Professional support

Free updates

No start-up costs